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Kyle Mueller - Clinical Psychologist

Psychological Assessment
For a Brighter Future

As an experienced psychologist and a cognitive behavioural therapist, I work hard to create a compassionate, non-judgmental place in which to work with my clients to address whatever concerns and needs you may have.

My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized – yet flexible. I work closely with my clients to assist in developing strategies to maximize learning, coping and functioning in a variety of contexts.

I place a particular emphasis on conducting Psychoeducational Assessments for children, teens and adults. My office is located in Nepean, Ottawa.

How We Help You Along the Journey to
Overcoming Obstacles & Feeling Better

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Psychoeducational Assessment

Leverage our experience & expertise in using a series of individualized psycho-educational assessments designed to evaluate a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Individual Treatment

One of our areas of expertise is assisting people who are struggling with a variety of issues. We facilitate your journey to becoming a better you, helping you overcome challenges and cope better.

How Our Process Helps

Our experience enables us to offer clients a straightforward process to recovery. Having said that, you can rest assured that we do not use a cookie-cutter approach but rather treat each client with the individualized care and attention that you deserve.

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Start the Assessment

We begin by running a series of
tests that are highly effective in
assessing strengths & challenges.

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Identify Areas for Individual
and/or Workplace Learning

The assessments help us proceed,
working on areas that will lead to
better coping at work, school or life.

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Improve Functioning at
Home, School, and Work

We’ll do a deep dive together,
isolating specific challenges and
finding effective solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

A psychoeducational assessment is a thorough, individualized assessment designed to determine an individual’s learning profile.

How can a Psychoeducational Assessment help me or my child?

A psychoeducational assessment can yield recommendations specific to an individual’s learning profile in order to help that person function at home, school and at work.

What can I expect in the first session when I see a Psychologist?

The first session typically includes a discussion of the presenting concerns, a developmental and health history, and a discussion of informed consent regarding assessment or treatment.