Maria Krol

Maria Krol

About Maria Krol

Maria is a psychometrist at Waystone Psychology. She enjoys getting to work with the wide variety of individuals who come to Waystone and appreciates the opportunity to connect with each one.

Growing up, Maria attended many different types of school settings, including home-school, public school, private school, boarding school, and even studying abroad in Spain! This experience has helped her to understand many types of learning environments as well as possible learning challenges. While in high school, Maria realized that what she most wanted to learn about was people. Whether it is a character in a good book, someone on the news, or friends and family in everyday life, everyone is so unique. With that in mind, she decided to study Psychology at Carleton University and earned an Honours Bachelor’s degree there. As she wanted to use the knowledge that she gained in Psychology to help people, Maria then entered a Counselling program at Saint Paul University and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2016. Since then, Maria has become a Registered Psychotherapist and has worked in both Psychometry and Psychotherapy. She loves the work she does and is looking forward to working with you, too!