Meredith Hobson

About Meredith Hobson

Meredith received her Bachelor of Arts degree with an honours in Psychology from Carleton University. Throughout her time at Carleton, Meredith’s research interests primarily focused on prosocial behaviours, internalizing symptoms, and self compassion. In 2023 she completed her final research on self-compassion, depressive symptoms, and life satisfaction in young adults.

After completing her degree from Carleton she began working full-time at Waystone as a psychometrist. She currently administers multiple standardized tests that gauge abilities in information processing and academic achievement. In addition, Meredith has previously gained experience working with children and adults with ADHD and ASD in psychological treatment and workshop settings.

When she is not working, you can find Meredith painting, drawing, reading, playing with her dog or finding a new coffee shop to enjoy!

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